Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sound Design: King's Toll

I got to do a lot of gory, crunchy, bloody and downright brutal sounds for this game. Some of the most fun was taking some of the more elaborate animations from their animator, Sean Fowler and posting audio to the animation frame by frame (using Sonar 8.5). 

The Dragon Queen death (which I'll try to upload another video of the Sonar project itself, showing each of the subgroups of layers one at a time to show how the entire piece was built) is to date the most fun I've had with posting to a canned animation. The camera transitions, slow mo, everything about it looked and felt so epic that I felt very compelled to come up with something that audibly was just as epic.

Another aspect of the game that I feel bears mentioning is their Fury mode. While in fury the player does more damage, is unable to be knocked out of moves, moves faster and generally is more of a badass. To help drive this home I recorded two sets of vocal effects for the player, "Brutal" for normal and "METAL!" for Fury Mode. Making sure to sound even more enraged/bloodthirsty for the Fury sounds. We really wanted to make the user feel even more powerful during this, so in addition to the vocal aspect intensifying, I also added in beefier swings and impact sounds for the weapon as well as layered in additional impact sounds for the enemies themselves while hit during this mode.

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